I’m happy I can finally show this!

I did this as part of Challenge 1 of 3 for the contest The Great Triathlon Exalted! hosted by Den of Angels among many other events and contests for their 10th Anniversary

Challenge#1: My Angel! was about making wings for your doll. I also made her wig and outfit to match the style of the wings.

These photos were taken at Belén's house using her camera =)


erockk89 asked:

I'm not sure if there is any merit to this bit down in the depths of the miasma that is google. I'm 80% sure Robbin Williams played 40k or followed the fluff. Not sure if you or anyone could confirm or deny that.

fleshisweak40k answered:

Yes it was confirmed in his Reddit AMA, he had an Eldar army.

During the filming of Jmungie he was spotted a couple of times playing 40k at local Games-Workshops and hobby stores.

Also a fun tidbit - Vin Diesel has mentioned him and Robin play Dungeons and Dragons together.